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TOP 5 Business Tricks and Customers – Psych Thoughts

There are many companies sell their goods and services in the markets across the globe. As the population grows, competition among sellers also becomes tough. These top companies some psychological-business strategies to influence their markets and make people buy their products. In this post, I explain top 5 strategies that are used in markets to increase consumers.

WATCHING YOUR MIND – The same technique applied for a baby – Psych Thoughts

How can this baby’s behavior be related to our psychological activity? Actually our thought functioning can be controlled by the method that is used in dealing a screaming baby. It keeps on doing or wandering wherever it wants. When we react to each thought, we fail to control our brain, just like the baby. When we stop reacting to our mind, it’s thoughts and emotions, will be settled down like the baby that stops crying when no one is there to notice.

The Darkest Side of Memes, and Trolls-Explained – Psych Thoughts

It is the inclination that some humans have to be a part of a large group, often neglecting their individuality, and adopting behaviors and actions of the people around them. In simple, this is a behavior by which one is motivated to do a thing, which he might have thought it to be wrong before, but when he accompanies by the group of same mindset, he is forced to involve in that.

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